People don’t know how to park anymore

This is the 4th time someone has parked up against my bumper on the street, bumper now has minor chips and scuffs… it’s really irritating to me that I’m seeing more and more of this in my area but what can be done to stop this? If I call the cops what can they do? Go door to door trying to find the person? Just super frustrating.



They can do more than go door to door. At the least they could write a ticket, at worst I guess it technically a hit and run, or leaving the scene of an accident. And if need be they will have the tag number so they can identify the owner.

Yeah, if it’s still touching your car when you get to your car, call the cops and snap a photo of the license plate.

and then make sure your car isn’t rolling at all, lol

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The car has a license plate and the police can determine ownership and also do a police report. They may not be able to tell you the owner due to privacy but it’s enough to turn over to your insurance company so they can go after them. Of course who is to say who was parked there first and who ran into who?

This is the way cars park in Europe. Even to the point of pushing cars forward and back to gain more space. I suspect this is becoming more common in NYC, Chicago and Boston.

It stinks but waddya gonna do?

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Well I happen to know for sure I was parked in my spot all night & that car wasn’t parked behind me when I did park.

I did take a photo of the license plate number but this ( and past incedents) have happened in the morning on weekdays whenI need to be at work… however if it does happen on a weekend I will follow up on advice from above and give the police a call :+1:t3:

It is just frustrating.

I certainly don’t have the time to wait around for the police to show up in mornings… so drive on being angry at people who can’t park or have little care about other people’s cars let alone their own.

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Our parking garage at work in the big city, had very tight parking places. One of our old Docs that retired and came back on contract a couple days a week, had a new Olds and had to park in the pool car area (general parking) because he no longer had an assigned stall. At any rate he got so upset with people dinging his car, that he would hang a fifteen foot long chunk of corrugated cardboard on the sides when he parked. It looked kinda crazy but did the job.

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that’s part of parking on the street. I do that 3-4 times a week. Here is my last two car’s bumpers! (similar to every other car I’ve owned)


It’s called a ‘bumper’ for that reason isn’t it.

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how true. Too bad we don’t have real bumpers anymore, that can handle those bumps without a $500 repair bill.


Maybe an optional CRASH BAR will be offered in the near future. But if so in a few years a CRASH BAR would become a highly decorated piece of jewelry ready to be damaged by a run away super market cart.

We live next to a church, and some idiot neighbors son, People park in front of our driveway or overhang 2ft into an 8’ drive all the time. Most of the time we are whatever, did have to ask a neighbor once to take our girl to the er as we were blocked in. Just last week wife called the church asking the priest to suggest to parishioners to be mindful of driveways.
Back up until you hear glass is a common theme I think, And yes I did call the police once they got a ticket and they were threatening me, you know who I am? me, I don’t care. them,You better make sure your house has no violations, we are good but if you don’t like the fn ordinance you have to be 2 feet away from a driveway call your alderman and get it changed, much less blocking 2 feet of my driveway, them We will make your life a living hell, a police car happened to be driving by, canine dog in the back and told him I consider this a personal threat, he says I will relay it to the community officer that wrote the ticket. no problems bu this is what is normal? \hesitant to call in again.\

I think your neighbor is sending you a message, he is tired of you not leaving enough room for a vehicle behind you. He probably took pictures of what you did and posted it on a message board.

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Won’t the city have a car towed and impounded if it’s blocking a driveway @Barkeydog? Or park at the curb blocking your own driveway Saturday night. If you have 2 cars park both on the street and if spaced just right 2 cars can eliminate the room for 3 cars. That will put the parishoners a block or so further away. Maybe your other neighbors can join you. If it’s a game of I’LL SHOW YOU you might take the upper hand.

They give a ticket not tow, I do not want to park on the street, have seen too many cars with damage from broken mirrors, sideswiped, and actually hit, bumped into a pole or other cars.

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Lawn sprinklers work in the summer. Wouldn’t be the first time I was out having a smoke at a hotel and the dang sprinklers went on.

It’s a bumper therefore it’s doing it’s job, yes. but it still pisses me off now every time I see these little chips in the paint just because some idiots were careless in parking and had little to no regard about how they parked.

Perhaps if you leave a little more space behind your car these acts of retaliation will cease.