Which Volvo s80 to buy



I’m shopping for a used car and have decided on the volvo s80 for safety, size, etc. I’ve done my homework and narrowed my choices to a 2004 S80 T6 or 2004 2.5T with AWD. Both the available cars have dynamic stabilty and traction control (the 2006 S80 2.5T’s I could get my hands on didn’t have the dynamic stabilty and I want this for safety with my newborn). BUT…a review of the two cars I am considering state that the 2.5T with AWD suffered “nonlinear throttle action”. Does anyone know what the heck this is an whether I should be concerned with it? I like the T6 but it’s black while the 2.5T is silver and I prefer silver over black…stupid reason to pick a car, but if all else is satisfactory to me, I’ll go by color. I don’t need a racecar…I just want a good safe car with enough pickup to get me into merging highway traffic etc. quickly.

Thanks for anyone’s advice!!!


The difference between the engines is likely 1 or 2 cylinders and a turbo. All turbo engines have a some varying degree of lag meaning normal amount of power and then at a certain point in RPMS’s it comes on noticeably stronger. I enjoy this kick in my two turbo cars. The T6 engine has no turbo so the power is more gradual as RPM’s rise.

Test drive each and then decide. You may never notice what I speak depenandant on Volvo’s execution.