What year Volvo S40?

I’ve been told this model had maintenance issues prior to 2006, but the 2006,7,8 are reliable, safe cars. (I ask this realizing Volvo is more $$ to maintain and service that some other manufacturers so I’m not looking for the absolutely least $$ cars to own.) Any thoughts about a year for the S40? Thanks so much.

Isn’t the S40 essentially a Focus or Fusion with different grille/badges?

Here’s a review you might be interested in:

If you’re looking at the turbo S40, I’d also look at the G35 and G37.

Related, but it’s more based on the same chassis as the Mazda 3 and the current European Focus. The US Focus is on the previous (or 2) Mazda 3 chassis. As for the S40, the newer the better.

Thannks so much for everyone’s advice. This is very helpful.

hmm. Didn’t realize it was you from the other post.
I’d be leery of used turbo vehicles, especially if this will be for your daughter. Without knowing the previous owner(s) maintenance habits, you could very well be looking at replacing the turbo in short time, and that is some big $$$.
As with any used vehicle, take it to an independent mechanic for a proper inspection. $100 could save you from having to spend $3000(new turbo or engine) after you purchase the vehicle. Ask the previous owner(if private sale) what fuel they were using in it. Turbos usually require 91+ octane and synthetic oil changes quite religiously.