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2000 Volvo S80 - worth the repairs?

Is it worth it to bring my S80 up to top performance with 104,000 miles? Great body, but oil/power steering fluid leaks and check engine light is on again with throttle control issue.

“Worth it” depends solely on you. If repairs are more than the car is worth to you, it is time to trade. Notice “I said to you” since the cars value in the market may be less than what a comparable replacement costs you.


I had a relative with a 1998 S60, I believe it was.

Cost $500 minimum every time the car went to the shop. It sounds like this one already has issues. You might at least get quotes for the work. But I suspect at 19 years old… this one is trending toward money pit.

$5? Yes. $5,000? probably not.

How much to fix?

Unfortunately since this is a 6 cylinder with a 4 speed Gm transmission I would feel it’s better to trade up to a 2004+ 2.5t s80 because those have a 5 cylinder with a 5 speed auto that’s more reliable and easier to work on. The throttle control issue was common on first year models until 2001 and means you have to rebuild the throttle body with a different sensor for the throttle body position which isn’t easy and would be best to send to a professional if you are not good with electrical work.