Which vehicles are the most likely to need a trans overhaul?

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One of the vehicles I looked at when I bought my Highlander in 2014 was the new 2014 Pathfinder. I know a guy who owns a tranny shop. And he said wait til Nissan gets their kinks out of the CVT’s. At the time they were doing a lot of CVT’s repairs and replace. Based on that article it’s a good thing I chose the Highlander. After over 150k miles it’s been virtually trouble free.

8 out of 10 are Nissan/Infiniti CVTs or Ford DCTs. I would have put them at the top of my list of worst trannys.

I’ve always been skeptical of Dodge (now Ram) transmissions ever since I owned a 1998 model and had many trans issues with it. My dad (he’s 78, go dad!) just bought a Challenger TA with the hemi and the 8 speed a few months back. I must say, I was very impressed with the way that 8 speed shifted. I drove a newer Ram with the Hemi and 8 speed yesterday, a fleet truck with 90k miles or so, and it still shifted really well. I’m glad Ram and Dodge didn’t make the top (well bottom, really) ten. Seriously considering shopping them hard when I need another truck.

Interesting that while the Traverse has a transmission problem, CR couldn’t recommend an alternative. Do all large SUVs have fatal flaws?

I test drove a brand new Ram in the late 90s. Off the lot, the transmission was slipping. We didn’t buy that one.

We had a 2003 Honda Odyssey whose transmission started slipping after about 12 years. We’d maintained it, but those had a reputation for transmission problems. I wouldn’t buy another one from that vintage.

I used to own #1 and #9 on CR’ list and confirm that Nissan CVT was 100% reliable failure source for all 3 vehicles on my watch.

The only remaining Nissan in my stable is 2006 Pathfinder (R51 platform with 5-speed automatic) and at 172K miles it shifts very smoothly.