2014 Nissan Pathfinder - Good used buy?

Dear cartalk,
I’m planing to buy used pathfinder 2014 model. Is it good/bad decision. Please guide me in this matter.

Only you can determine that after you pay an independent mechanic to inspect the vehicle.


That year, make, and model earns the “Beware of the clunker” stamp from CarComplaints.

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Additionally, the 2013-2016 Pathfinder is on Consumer Reports’ list of “Worst Used Cars”.
In order to land on that list, a model has to have compiled a “MUCH Worse Than Average” reliability rating.

When I bought my 14 Highlander I looked at the new Pathfinder. I’ve owned earlier Pathfinders (1990 and 1998). Both were excellent extremely reliable vehicles. So I decided to look at the new one. Nissan really should have renamed the Pathfinder because it was nothing like the previous Pathfinders. Toyota has the 4runner (which is comparable to the earlier Pathfinders) and the Highlander which is comparable to the new Pathfinder. Both are uni-body and FWD or AWD (fwd mainly), and both based on car platforms - Highlander (Camry) and Pathfinder (Maxima).

What really turned me off of the Pathfinder was the Turbo charge 4-cylinder and the CVT tranny. Nissan has had a lot of problems with that tranny,

I’d avoid it, Nissan has had quite a bit of problems with the CVT transmission, that’s the source of many of the complaints for that vehicle.

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