Which part is this?

Yesterday while I was driving my car I noticed it was over heating so I stopped at a park but I didn’t notice anything. So I decided to go back home, but somewhere along the way I noticed steam coming from my car and I decided to look and saw a bunch of coolant everywhere, then I saw a hose dripping coolant and i realized it had broke in half. Today I tried to take the hose of and replace it but it didn’t work out. Long story short I need a new heater core but I can’t figure out the name for one part I can’t find, and I don’t know the name for it can anyone help me out it looks like this.

and it came from the lower hose of the heater core.

It’s a heater valve restrictor.
You don’t say what year your Buick Park Avenue is, but here’s the part for a 1995 Park Avenue:


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My bad for not mentioning the year but you actually got it its a 1995. Thankyou so much for your help I would never have gotten it.