2004 christler sebring - Name that part

Looking for the name of the part that carries coolant from the heater core to somewhere under the engine (Currently in bad shape with rust). its a steel pipe. Comes from the back of the engine compartment, snakes to the left, goes below the passenger side strut, continues underneath the coolant reservoir. A rubber hose coming from the bottom of the coolant resivior shapes down and is attached to the same metal pipe, with some sort of “T”, then it goes down into the front of the engine compartment, and attaches to a rubber hose, which leads somewhere below the engine. Can anyone help?

Heater core tube.

You can look up parts on dealer web sites, you need to know your particular model (coupe, convertible, sedan) and which engine.

Here is an example (sedan);

Can you post a photo?

Go to the dealer and look at their pictures ( diagrams ).
Your description is great and, with that, can zero in on your part.
It sounds as though that’s a dealer item anyway and you’ll be having them order it.

In this four corners area , english is a second…though.
Everyone has a picture phone now and that has been a godsend for us at the parts counters.

Yeah…it will be some kind of heater core line of some sort. As the others suggested…you can go online to certain web sites that have an exploded / transparent view of the vehicle. These are parts pages… You can locate every single nut, bolt, and washer with these pages. They will also give you the exact factory part number. Go find one of these sites and you will locate your part.


Make sure you spell Chrysler correctly or you’ll never find the part. Rocketman