Which O2 Sensor to buy

Hi -
I have a 2004 Honda Civic- code says I need an O2 sensor. I’m up for trying the repair myself - but I see a wide variety of selections on Amazon.
First, what’s a good brand - I see “Denso” and “Bosch”. I’ve heard of Bosch (that’s our stove). Also some are priced at around $35, some are more like $100 or $200. What gives?


Denso (Japanese) and Bosch (German) are both huge auto parts suppliers to car manufacturers. They build quality parts (some in the USA) to last many miles per the demanding standards of the car manufacturers. And you will pay for that quality.

The $35 parts are likely Chinese (Taiwanese, Viet Namese, ect) knockoffs that likely will be OK for a car that’s near the end of its time (your time or junkyard time, you can pick). Buy accordingly. If you do your own work, you can go through 3 of the $35 cheapies before the $100 Denso part pays off.

I would and do use Denso for that car, but I buy based on quality and not price. I have to warranty my work, so I want it fixed right the first time.

There may be many options depending on trim level and engine. Right now I have an 05 Civic in the shop. The DX uses a sensor that costs me $55. The EX uses one that costs me $160.

As with spark plugs, your best bet is to stick with the same brand and type of sensor the car came from the factory with.
From what asemaster says it sounds like Denso was the original brand.