Which G6 convertible model is the best

I am considering a G6 convertible. I have read to stay away from the 06 model because Pontiac did not consider the design changes that a convertible hard top would place on the body structure of the car, so the body will “bend”. Is this true of the 07s-09s? Is there a better year for this car?

I know nothing of these cars, but you might try one of the numerous sites where consumers review vehicles they’ve owned, such as edmunds.com.

ALL convertibles tend to be a little “flexible”. That’s just part of the package…Pontiac is GONE and so is the parts support for these vehicles…They will join the Fiero as an interesting footnote in the automotive history books…

There is a limit as to how much beefing up can be done to convert a sedan chassis to a convertible chassis. The platform just gets too heavy so the engineers compromise…Most drivers never notice the quiver and shake that can develop on rough roads…

You can look at car reviews for this model on the Edmunds.com web site. If the '06 model had a real issue it is likely later models were fitted with more frame and structural reinforcement to reduce body flex.

All convertibles need frame reinforcement over the standard hardtop of the same models. Some of the body integrity is lost when the hard top is replaced with a convertible top. Some manufacturers do a better job than others. The Chrysler Sebring convertibles were about he worst in recent history.

Hardtop convertibles are, by their nature, very complicated mechanisms. I’d pass on one from a now-defunct division of GM with no corresponding current model. I don’t think there’s a hardtop convertible in the current GM lineup.

I don’t know about the convertible structural integrity, but generally I would be looking for as late a model as possible. I have an '09 sedan which has been a nice little car but the convertible has a different engine, etc. I think most of the issues they had witht he 05-6 models have been worked out by '09. You might try the owners forum. A lot of people seem to know a lot about the G6’s but they like to modify them.