Pontiac G6 Convertable


I’m in love with the G6 hardtop convertable and have GM

Mastercard $$$ to use. My husband thinks it’s a repair waiting to happen, i.e., the seals on the hard top will deteriorate rapidly and be a major issue. Can anyone offer insight into this probability?

Thanks, Bickwiz


bs, it wont if you take care of it, and pontiac is very reliable


I’m sure his worries will fade away as he’s behind the wheel with the top down. If he’s going to worry about future repairs, he shouldn’t even be thinking of having a car period.


Thanks! Part of the “worry” is we have too many things with engines already.


If you’re buying new, as long as you take care of it, it should last you a long time. As always, used ones are a crap shoot, you win some, you lose some.


From my experience I would expect 6-10years before replacement on the soft parts. About 10years ago I replaced a top for about $600.


Check with GMAC to see how much of your GM bucks you can use to buy the Saab. It varies with the specific car and you might not be able to use them for a Saab at all. You can check on line at the GMAC site.


The G6 has a hard top, so it looks like any other coupe on the road. the seals might have to be checked every so often, but i doubt it’ll cost that much to fix.