Best Looking Full Size Chevy and Buick

I have always wondered what opinions I’d get if I asked this question. What are your thoughts? What is the best looking full sized Chevrolet (car) and best looking Buick Electra 225? I’ll share my opinion after I read yours. Happy 4th to all!

1970 for the Electra 225 and 1955, 1962, or 1969 for the full size Chevys.

1959 Buick 4 door hardtop (flattop).

52 for the Chevy and 40,49 or 55 for the Buick. Never saw an Electra I liked the looks of.

I’m guessing @old_mopar_guy and @oldtimer-11 are a little older than I am based on their car preferences.

My choice for the Chevrolet is the 1953 model. I remember going to the Chevrolet dealer with my dad to look at the new 1953 Chevrolets when I was in 6th grade. I particularly liked the low end 150 model. This was the beginning of the era when young drivers began removing the chrome from their cars. My choice for the Buick would be the 1957 year–either the Special or the Century on the B body. The C body Super and Roadmaster to me weren’t as attractive. I graduated from high school in 1959. I didn’t care for the tail finned models and really didn’t pay much attention to the styling of cars after that.

Chevy 1959 1961 Buick 1959.

Good guess, I still go to car shows but there are fewer cars that I like all the time. The best car shows for me are AACA meets. I don’t know why anyone wants to collect cars from 72 to the mid-late 80s. I owner a 72 full size Chevy with a 350. Could not get over 12 mpg no matter how I tuned it, wouldn’t get out of its own way, worst car to drive in snow I ever saw and any time you drove in heavy snow, the choke would close itself and you would have to take off the air cleaner and stick a screwdriver in the carb to get home. Remember the 150 HP smog era Corvette? Also the Smokey and the bandit Firebird, complete posers.

Sixty eight

Is there such a thing ?

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Chevy - 55, 57 and 65 … Buick Electra 225 1959

I like the ‘67 Impala 4-door hard top, like the one on Supernatural.

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That’s a great choice. That car looks great. My neighbor had a 67 light blue Impala coupe with the white top. White interior. Beautiful

My favorite Chevy models are the 68 Impala Custom coupe - white with dark blue roof. Classic
The 1971 Impala custom - any color though I usually saw that light green metallic that year
I also think the 73 Caprice convertible is a stunning car.

As for the Electra 225, the 71 model is my favorite. If I could find one, I might buy it one day. I’ll admit there are childhood memories attached but the one I remember was in forest green with a white top. Again, classic look. Thanks for letting me share and reminisce!

I had one of these in the same color; black outside and orange inside. Only had the 283 with a Powerglide so definitely not a muscle car. But very comfortable and a fun car. The bat wings were a love/hate thing for many but I happened to love them a lot.


My favorite Buicks were the early Rivieras.

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Yeah I liked the 58, 59, and 61 Chevy. Not the 57 or other years though. I really never liked any of the Buicks I guess and preferred the Olds styling instead. I did like the 60 Buicks though.

Once upon a time I went to a demolition derby a guy came in with a 59 chevy I said to myself he dosn’t stand a chance but he fooled me & everyone there by coming in 2nd. those tail fin’s were very good at knocking out radtiator’s.

I’d opt for the 1938 Buick Y Job.


Classic: 55-57 Nomad
Modern : 2013-2017 Holden Commodore HSV Clubsport in gunmetal grey/black

Buick Electra : 1966