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Which car would be a better street race car

Hey, im turning 18 in about 8 months, and I realize its time to get lookin for a car seriously. I have a celica right now, but I love racing on the streets, and I need something faster and quicker. I’m highly considering Hondas and Acuras, I want either an Integra or a Civic. I also am interested in a Supra. I’m just not sure at all which one would be better. I won’t be able to afford a Supra, so I’m looking hard at the Acura. Any ideas?

Only talentless hacks race on the street.

Yeah. Go race on the track like the rest of us do. Street racing is stupid. Only brainless morons do it.

Get yourself a 500 hp Lingenfeldter modified Corvette. And where are my fries?

As you can tell, street racing is not real popular outside the kid’s world.


Clearly a troll posting.

speed costs money. If you can’t afford a Supra, you obviously can’t afford to go very fast

In my naive way I’m guessing not. Wouldn’t a troll have posted back by now to inflame the discussion? I’m thinking OP has realized this is not the place to get the advice he seeks, and has slunk off.


You have me there, I don’t think there is a manual on trolls, but who in their right mind would post asking for info on how to street race? someone who just wants to light a fire and sit back and watch the flames.

The requirements for a good street car and a good race car are so diametrically opposite that there is no such thing as a good street race car.

Get a good street pickup truck and leave it alone and use it to haul a go-kart to a local kart racing track. That way you can do some real, not pretend, racing, with start and finish lines and trophies to the winners, and you’ll learn a lot more about racing than you ever will by being a complete jackass on the street with a fast car.

If you are determined to race a modified used car, a late model Acura is maybe the best choice. It’s a very good car and it will handle better than the other cars you mention.

I’m more worried how you are starting your life. You do realize, this is it. The decisions you make over the next five years are going to determine the course of the rest of your life. Instead of racing cars in the streets you should go to a vocational college and learn about the machines you love. There is no future in illegal racing. It’s not going to turn into skating no matter how many movies are made.

Save the money for college. Seriously dude…Your Celica isn’t good enough for you?

Save the money for college.

You seriously think someone who’s asking this question has the slightest ability to even get accepted to college.

If you want to race, take your new-car money, buy a half ton pickup and trailer, put a roll cage and five point restraint in your Celica, then tow it to your nearest dirt track on the weekends. That is good, cheap, safe fun. As far as your street racing ideas, I’m with everyone else here. It’s stupid, dangerous, and will ruin your life. Remember what happened to Hulk Hogan’s son a few years ago? He turned his best friend into a vegetable! And he was a trained driver, racing on the street! Think how much worse it could be with an amateur at the wheel. So ironic, now that I think of it, that you are considering a Supra…

By the way, those Civics and Integras in the ‘fast and furious’ movies? If you want something like that, expect to pay $100,000+ for it. Fast four cylinders aren’t cheap, or streetable for that matter.

All your Integra are belong to me.

Hey guys, guess what?
The OP is female.

From her profile:
“My name’s Megan, I’m 17, and I love cars…I love street racing. I guess you could say I’m addicted to loud and fast cars. I belong to the streets, and I love driving fast.”

Well, Megan, my advice is to avoid racing on the street.
Save your money for a car capable of being raced on a track, which is safer for all concerned.

Those who race on the street usually wind up with their driver’s license being suspended, and then they have to walk.

Do you really want to be a street walker?

She could also look into bracket racing at the nearest drag race track. You can bracket race any car, and it takes genuine skill to do it well. I advise any form of racing to be done in a controlled environment, on a race track. Street racing is extremely dangerous and highly illegal. It should only be done by those who wish to end up in jail for killing an innocent bystander or a van full of kids. Your conscience will never live it down! It’s more dangerous than you obviously think.

Teen males don’t have a right mind; they haven’t grown one yet. Don’t you remember what a fool you were when you were in your late teens and early 20s? We all were. It’s part of growing up.

Most drag race tracks have a Grudge Match Day where anyone can show up and for a small fee, race their friends or anyone else at the track. You can make new friends with similar interests and they can help you find a car for the track. But do it on the track.