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Help? Making my truck fast

Hi i dont know much about making vehicles fast . I like to race like on streets . i have a chevy 2007 avalanche what are things i can add to make it drive really fast and what are the prices?thanks

What engine?
What tranny?
2WD or 4WD?
Crew cab?
Payload rating?

How fast do you want to go?
How much money you got?

Got a good lawyer on retainer?


Go away, please. Nothing stupider than that.


I retract my questions. I agree with Texases. I’d rather not help you go faster on the streets than however fast you’re already going.


My nephew did that and got busted. First, you get big fines. Then, if you keep it up, you go to jail. If you want to race, do it at a drag strip. A good way to get into it is to go to local races and introduce yourself to the racers. If you are willing to work for little to nothing, someone might let you help them. The same nephew that got busted for street racing found that to be rewarding and a lot less costly.


If you enjoy racing on the streets, it’s probably a good thing that you don’t know much about making vehicles fast…Please take what @jtsanders said to heart. Find yourself a local track instead

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Proof of insurance and an umbrella policy first.

Well, that is a good thing.


Get a subscription to Hot Rod magazine. They explain in every issue how to make engines more powerful. Their focus is on drag strip racing, track racing, rather than street racing. Why not pop down to the nearest amateur drag race track and see what’s going on there? You may meet some like-minded folks.

My coworker’s son used to like to race on the street. He died in a street race at age 19. Don’t race on the streets.

Racing is NOT for the streets… Racing is for race tracks. Google “drag race tracks” to find those in your area.


This person comes to CarTalk forum. Has a worthless type of pickup ( Avalanche ) why would you even make a suggestion of encouragement.

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I second that .

One reason insurance rates are always going up for all drivers.


Go to a good driving school and learn track driving from the pros. That will make your car faster on a race track than loud exhausts, engine mods, or anything you can bolt on to the car.
Think I’m kidding? Watch this onboard camera footage on a 250cc motorcycle ridden by someone who knows how to ride racing against much bigger and more powerful bikes at the Laguna Seca racetrack. He gets passed by the powerful bikes on the straights but he passes them back on the curves.

Spending money on your car and not a driving coach is like buying a more expensive guitar instead of taking music lessons and practicing.

Innocent people who are just going about their business have died because of street racers like you

And it’s usually because one of the racers loses control and crashes into those innocent people who are just walking home, or doing something absolutely unrelated to your illegal and dangerous races

I suggest you find a more responsible and more mature activity to participate in

I can’t lecture anyone on street racing as I used to do a bit of it in my younger days. Granted, it was generally done in a safe area of sorts.

Although back in the mid 2000s I did participate in a street race when some punk in a riced up Mitsubishi Eclipse kept goading the old guy in the Lincoln. He found out real quick how fast that Lincoln is.

That being said, a Chevy Avalanche as a choice for a hot rod? I would think there are better options; maybe buying an old beater and going racing at a local dirt track. It’s far safer and quite likely cheaper in the long run.

I stopped living from paycheck to paycheck and being permanently in debt around the same time I stopped trying to make my motorcycles and cars faster. A coincidence? I think not. Although the main reason I stopped trying to make my vehicles faster was because I finally woke up and realized that the world will little note nor long remember who owned the world’s fastest street car. Having money for other things was a happy side benefit.

It is a matter of both becoming mature and getting more realistic ideas regarding the important priorities in one’s life.

Not to mention finally realizing that mods that made my bike more powerful usually did NOT make my bike more fun to ride, often it did just the opposite. Having a race car for the street is one of those “be careful what you wish for” things.

Gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop driving that hot-rod Lincoln.

I remember a story about a fellow who mounted a RATO on his Impala - turned out to be an urban myth :disappointed:

I suspect many of us did some type of street racing in our youth. And even if we didn’t race, we likely never realized how dangerous it was until we grew up a bit. Fortunately we can share how serious the risk is.

We can’t fault campos.alejandro23 for coming here asking for guidance.

It would help if he provides the context for the vehicle, as mountain_bike asked in reply #2.