Which is the better car to buy?

Which would be the better car to buy, a new VW GTI or a new Honda Civic SI? No special criteria, just overall. Thanks!

The best one would be the one you like best.

I would chose the VW based on MY view of the looks and performance. Someone else might chose the other way around.  

The Honda has a better reliability record, but in real life I find that the owner has a lot to do with how reliable a car will be.  I have had three VW's since 1970 the first two both got about 180,000 miles with very little trouble, the third one has about 65,000 on it so far and it has also been very good.


None of the above.

Why limit yourself to only these two models? Whatever your criteria, other cars have them and more. Expand your search.

There are significant differences between them. The Si will be cheaper to buy, run and maintain. The GTI is supposed to be a slicker drive. If you haven’t done so already, look at some others, too.

I thought I posted on this before. Must be getting old?

One parameter in such a decision, where there is a big difference in reliability is: how long will you be driving the car?

I don’t want to say I am parsimonious or anything, but when I actually fork out shekels for a new car, I am thinking 250,000 miles… So, I go for maximum reliability, and have learned the extra original cost will pay for itself in the end.

I knew a man, now deceased at a young age, not related to cars but his heart, who tradedd 3 or 4 times a year.

If you realize you will be trading before the car has 100,000 miles on it, IMO, the difference in reliability is not that big a deal, unless you get a lemon which can happen in any model. In that case, get the car that you just happen to like, and forget about the rel issues

Since you give no special criteria, I go along with SteveF and say none of the above, or at least broaden your outlook some. How about a Mazdaspeed 3?

Now, if I apply my own criteria, I’d say none of the above, I want a bigger car. But I do like Mazda 3s.

I’d parrot that idea . . . look at the MAZDA, performance, style, handling . . . I even think the price is better than the Si or the GTI. Rocketman