Which car for a senior?

I think I need a Regex translator

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If you make the median family income in OH, or FL - then you can be debt free by retirement.

If you make DOUBLE MEDIAN family income in places like Boston, MYC or CA…it’s going to be extremely difficult to be debt free by retirement.

Correct, Mike. That’s one reason we made a sacrifice, early on, and relocated.
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He’s having a senior moment…

Apparently you do :wink:, but it became obvious, however, not everybody understood where I was coming from with my tough love comments. :grinning:
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Thank You TT… And loving every moment of it!
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They’re toasters, not refrigerators.


I’ve driven a Kia Soul several times as a rental. They are decent comfortable cars. I’m 6’3 and have no problem fitting. Driven one over 200 miles and I was fine. I like the fact it sits up a little higher too. Gas mileage is decent.

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Also, you can look up cars on the NHTSA’s (National Highway Transportation Safety Agency) website: https://www.nhtsa.gov/

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**[quote=“common_sense_answer, post:62, topic:157761, full:true”]

Well, I’m probably not as old as you are, I’m just a youngster at 71. I’ve got age related problems, as I’ve already mentioned, I have that “degenerative back condition” you mention (actually, back and neck, diagnosed decades ago) and arthritis of one knee, and typical aging pain of hips. I’ve got my share of aches and pains and it takes me a couple of minutes to become completely mobile in the morning.

However, I am a firm subscriber to the belief that one must use it or lose it. As for pains, I tell myself to “suck it up, Sunshine!”). I do not use or take any medications. Years ago I lost any extra weight, turned vegetarian, and exercise. For example, I do 80 squats holding 15 lb. dumbbells, every other day, push-ups, sit-ups (120 of them, holding 10 lbs. to chest.) and assorted presses and curls, too. My wife does Aqua Aerobics and I sometimes go to yoga with her. I can do a kip-up getting up from the floor. I ride bicycles daily (15 to 35 miles) and play golf nearly every day (walking, no cart) with my wife and guys (some in their upper 70s and eighties). These people feel the same way and all agree that it makes us feel younger and although at times is painful, the benefits outweigh any discomfort.

What does your therapist do? Does she have you exercising? My daughter is 3 months short of completing a Doctor’s degree in P.T. and interns in clinics and she wishes more of her clients did what I do. She thinks I’m awesome, but I am her dad. :smirk:

I try and make no accommodations for myself. I drive whatever I drove before and do just about anything I’ve done before (I did stop carrying my golf clubs, choosing to push them and the 5Ks and 10Ks are often just too painful). I believe that backing off and giving in to aging will only serve to accelerate the process, but that’s just my opinion. It could become a slippery slope. When the going gets tough, the tough get going… just saying…
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I’m so glad this is all working so well for you & that your wife follows your program. And that you are SO AWESOME that you’re to the point of being “giddy.”

Actually I am younger than you and most of my PT is exercise. I see that you’re clearly making many unfounded assumptions + leaps of logic about my condition. That automatically belies any common sense advice you’re setting forth. So that’s that.

This strikes me like the distorted justifications of a current topical figure who’d rather assert how right he is than pay heed to anything so pedestrian as facts. :roll_eyes: But I don’t wish to digress. I’m here for car advice. ;D

Actually, in COMPARISON to the low-slung sports car I’d been driving, the Civic was more comfortable. However, I never expected to ever have to get a taller SUV-type vehicle. So I’m now aware that I can have more & better options for driving seat comfort. An example analogy is that after I had my 1st pain shot in my back & experienced relief, I became aware that it had actually been uncomfortable sitting in my living room armchair before the shot. I hope that makes sense.

My FICO score is very high. But when I looked at 1 particular make & model the other day, the salesperson told me that the only 0% financing available would be on new cars (I told him since this current model is a re-design, I’d opt to go with an earlier year that’s been “proven”), and only available on certain models. So, I’ll need to check that same question out with other brands/makes.

If you are asking if 0 % is on used cars the answer is no .

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somewhere above in this thread, I’ve seen Hodna CR-V as one of candidates…

I was given 2019 CR-V EX to drive as a loaner, and over 2 weeks and 1400 miles I have it so far, I would not recommend it for a senior.
I’m 6 feet tall and about to get past 50, BTW.
Initially, it was “almost OK” on the seating position and seat comfort, but after taking a couple of 450 miles drievs, I find it quite uncomfortable:

  • even if I move seat to the very end of rails, it is around an inch short and my legs get tired
  • steering wheel has very shallow telescoping ability, making for the arms to get tired
  • seat bottom is made overly flat and you either tilt the front up and then it makes for a pain in mid-leg area OR you tilt it more flat and you start sliding forward all the time

In short, CR-V is based on Civic platform, and it shows…

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Thanks for the info. Friend is looking at the CR-V, I’ll make sure to recommend a LONG test drive.

I have a neighbor and he and his wife use a Honda CR-V to travel a 4 state area for their speaking engagements . This is their second so that may mean that not all people will like or dislike the same vehicle.

Very true. Other friends of ours like their new CRV. So it’s very personal, as we’ve always said.

More than once car seats that are uncomfortable after the first couple long drives are just fine after I spend more time driving the car. Does the seat break in? My back and butt? Dunno. But now at 70 I’ll pay more attention to the seats when trying out new cars.

As somebody’s Grandmother once said, “There’s a lid for every pot”.
Just because I found the seats in my '92 Accord to be uncomfortable after ~20 minutes, that doesn’t mean that everyone else would feel that way. Similarly, some people criticize the seat comfort of Subarus, but I find them to fit my anatomy very nicely.

Taking somebody else’s word for which cars are the most comfortable is not very different from asking someone which foods have the best flavor. Tastes differ, and so do peoples’ feelings regarding seat comfort.

My mom, in her early 60s, loves hers. It is personal, but it doesn’t hurt to ask around to know what to look for.

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