Getting older (me)

I need to purchase a different vehicle. I need something that sits higher than a regular sedan, because I am having trouble climbing out of my current vehicle. It will have to be used, but need the best A/C in the world, because I am also hot natured. I am on a fixed income, and can not spend a lot of money, but need something reliable. Do not want a full-size SUV. Hope someone can help.

Toyota RAV4 Suv built on a car chasis and it’s very reliable.

Cars like the Taurus, Impala, or even Crown Victoria are higher than regular sedans. They are also very cheap.

Other choices are compact SUVs or minivans.

If you don’t need a backseat, a used Ford Ranger pickup, 2 wheel drive, would be a very economical and reliable vehicle for you!

Visit the local bookstore, look at a Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers’ Guide, and you’ll see everything that’s available along with excellent data and comparative analysis. From there you cen pick the ones that look interesting to you and start looking.

Ford Escape, Toyota Rav4, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tuscon, Chevy Equinox.

Is the A/C on a CR-V better than what is typical for Honda sedans?
Everyone I know with an Accord or Civic sedan complains about the A/C being totally inadequate on a really hot day.

I have a 2005 Accord EX V6 and the AC is entirely adequate. Sometimes it’s too cold. Since we near the end of the hottest summer ever recorded, I think I would have noticed a sissy AC.

piquet, look at compact SUVs like the Equinox, CR-V, Tuscon, and RAV4. WE have two friends with either back or knee problems and they find the CR-V solved the pain issues. You just slide in and slide out.

A Crown Vic will make ice cubes in Tucson…

A friend of mine who is over 90 just traded his Buick LeSabre for a Toyota RAV-4 SUV. He also got leather seats. He did because he wanted a car that is easy to get in and out. I’m 22 years younger, but we have a Toyota Sienna and a Toyota 4Runner and we like sitting up. I’ll never go back to a car.