2019 Honda HR-V or Subaru Crosstrek for an 84-year-old

80 Years old female-- HR-V or Crosstrek I,m not Techy!!

where do you live? city? country? farm?

If they are both 4 wheel drive vehicles, it’s a tossup. Both are good vehicles. If you live in real snow country like Vermont, I would chose the Crosstrek, since it has fulltime all wheel drive. Subarus are very popular in that area.

You will have to sit in both cars to determine if the seating position is good for you. A friend bought his 75 year old wife a Toyota RAV4, a very good vehicle, because she likes the higher seating position better than her old Chevy Malibu.

I’m almost the same age as you and seat comfort and visibility are very high on my list.

If you live in an area where heavy snow is not a problem, the Honda with 2 wheel drive would be an easier car to service and costs less to own.

My sister in law, now a widow is trading her Subaru Impreza in on a Toyota RAV4. She lives in snow country and also wants a vehicle with good visibility and seat comfort.

If I were responding to a question from a 25 year old my answer might be different, as you will appreciate.

Thanks, I too want a higher seat. Live in Colorado so do snow driving --But P.T.L. But don’t have too. The RAV looks big to me, but haven’t test drove one

We live on the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and snowshoe and hike many weekends. So far we’ve done OK with regular front wheel drive cars with special winter tires (Michelin X-ICE). We only go to the real back country in the summer.

In our skiing/hiking group there are 4 Subarus, and a number of Sport Utility vehicles. Most have cars with special winter tires.

Only one person has a truck; he needs it to tow a camper.

When we trade our Toyota or Mazda it will be for a mid size SUV since my wife will want the higher seating, as well as the ability to transport lots of garden stuff!. Modern vehicles all have available electronic guides for backup, side warnings, blind spot warnings etc. The higher seating is for easier entry and exit. Don’t buy a truck; it’s too high to get into and out of.

You’ll find a Toyota RAV4 or a Honda CRV easy to drive.

Happy shopping!

Thanks it just seems like SUV’s are getting bigger but will test drive a Rav --I do like the Honda dealer’s maintenance dept near me B.

One point my wife stresses. Her vehicle must have enough rear seat room so she can carpool and carry her fellow hikers, all in their 70s, in relative comfort in the back seat. If you have similar needs, you may find the rear seat in the HRV somewhat tight. The Cross Trek would be roomy enough, as would a CRV or a RAV4.

Either one would fit your needs just fine, I know more crosstrek owners but if you’re happy with the Honda dealer than take a HR-V for a test drive. Our 80+yr old former pastor has a 2018 Toyota Rav4 and seems very happy with it but he’s had a string of Toyota’s with a Prius V being the car before.

The Crosstrek would be better in snow but even all wheel drive and good tires can get stuck when you get heavy snowfall sometimes.

Thanks for info!!

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but as a thought you might consider a car with vertical seat elevation, remembering my grandmother, crinkled up like a dry leaf driving, line of vision was under the steering wheel and over the dash!

Thanks for info–I,m 5’8" so sit pretty high BUT know what you mean I live in a seniors development and am always wondering WHO’s driving that car!!

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Why only these two vehicles . Start going to every manufactures web site you can find and use the build it yourself feature . You may find something you might like that you did not even know about.