Which car do my trailer wheels come from?

I have a trailer made from a car axle. One of the wheels has failed due to rust. I need to replace the wheel. It is a 14" wheel with four wheel nuts on a 108mm PCD and a bore/spigot diameter of 67mm. I was told that it was a Citroen Berlingo wheel but those wheels do not fit because they have a bore of 65.1mm. How can I find out which make of 14" car wheels have a bore of 67mm and a PCD of 108mm?

Wander around an auto scrap yard with a measuring scale looking for a wheel that will fit. Search internet sites that sell aftermarket wheels for cars sold in your area… this is mostly a US site and we don’t get Citroens.

I’ve gotten my trailer wheels with tires at fleet and farm, pretty good selection and price. Worth a shot!

I don’t think they have Fleet and Farm in the UK or where ever this trailer is.

And I was going to suggest that too-where I got my wheels, or just go there and replace the whole trailer instead of hauling around all that extra weight. Or going to Pioneer Rim and replace the axle, but yeah being in Europe kinda cancels that.

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