Trailer Talk - Tires

I’ve Never Really Counted Until Today, But I’ve Got 5 Trailers !
That’s Not Good When You Have To Maintain All The Tires.
I’m Going To Replace Some Of The Tires.

One trailer is an old small utility trailer, some are under boats, and one hauls a couple of Sea-Doos in if the season.

The trailers all use one of 2 sizes of tires, 4.80 - 8 or 4.80 - 12.
I shopped locally for the 4.80, but there’s not much around here.

I noticed something weird about the 4.80 - 8.
They are manufactured in two different sizes, about 3/4" different in diameter. It seems that load range B tires are larger than load range “C” tires.
I guess it doesn’t matter much on a trailer, but what’s with that ? I’d like matching tires.
I just do short hauls so the load range isn’t a big consideration to me.

Tires can be purchased already mounted to rims or just loose. I’d like a source for both.
Where can I buy, at the best price (probably online), tires of these sizes ( shipping will be a factor).

4.80 - 8
4.80 - 12


As a fellow multi trailor owner, I have gone to Tire Wearhouse, which seem to have all the tires I want. Also, I have always gotten the biggest tires I could fit under a rim even if not OEM. If Bolt patterns are same tire / rim combos at Walmart or whatever are sometimes cheaper then separate tires. So I guess I’m saying, I don’t worry about getting OEM tire sizes if they need be special ordered as long as both sides are the same and they fit any rim that fits the trailer. But again, the bigger the better !

These guys (this site) should help. If not, simply google “trailer tires” and I’m sure you’ll get more information than you’ll ever need.

Try eBay…

Also, buy or make tire covers to protect from uv rays while parked. A worthwhile investment that, for those who argue ‘‘I can’t afford it’’, I reply steadfastly…’‘you can’t afford NOT to’’.

Walmart used to carry a Douglas 155R12 tire for about $18, I don’t know if they still do or if they can order it, but it is a good replacement for the 4.80-12. I use them on my small utility trailer, they are cheaper than the 4.80-12 and last a lot longer. And since I haul compost and manure across the yard in this trailer, the extra inch of width cuts down on the rutting in my bio-diversity lawn.

Mills Fleet Farm has both in the Carlisle brand. That’s what I use. I’ve also bought them at the local Goodyear dealer. They are made in the US. The no name brand at Walmart are made in China from what I got from the code. The 4.80-12 are about $45 at Fleet Farm for just the tire last time I checked about a month ago. Fleet has the 2 ply but Goodyear had the 3 ply which had a few more pounds of capacity on them. Price was about the same but tires have gone up a lot now with oil.

I don’t know who makes the “Carry-on” brand at Tractor Supply but you almost have to get the code off the tire to find out. Northern Hydraulic (Automotive now) has them too. Can’t remember the brand there but are also made in Asia when I checked the code.

If you have a Tractor Supply store in your area, check with them. They seem to carry a good variety of tires for trailers, lawn tractors, mowers, etc.

Makes an excellent point. I am really cheap and cut up round (almost) pieces of grey tarp and tuck them around the tire and under the fender with a bungy for uv. Seems to reduce cracking significantly.

Just an added note, the difference in the load range B and C is that one is 2 ply and the other 3 ply. So there’s more rubber in it. The 8 and 12 inch is just the rim size that it’ll fit, not the diameter.

Most tire places near me sell trailer tires…and if they don’t have them…they can get them. The place I buy tires from in Nashua NH…sold me a pair of trailer tires for my Coleman pop-up. They didn’t have it in stock…but had them there the day after I called.

For small utility trailers that use the 4 bolt 4.80-12 wheel and tire, if you have enough room under the fender, you can use the 13" wheels from a mid 80’s Toyota Tercel and some Corolla’s with 175-70R13 tires as well. They are really good if you tote mulch and manure from the stables/farm/ city lot/garden center and across your yard to the garden.

Good recommendation.
And if you think it’s worth it, bend or replace the fender…the bigger the better…the off road utility trailer. Gotta love it. I hate cookie cutter tires and wheels on anything, except bicycles you have to pedal and golf carts you have to pull by hand.