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Where's the links to useful resources?

There used to be links to all kinds of resources on this page. Not just mechanics. KBB, BAR, etc… Where’d they go?
(I haven’t been on here since pre 2013, it looks a lot different than it used to.)

Click on the 3 horizontal bars next to your Avatar.

Those sites are not hard to find so why is someone in concerned about links . Seri, Alexa and Cortana will find so many things your head will explode .

I have a funny feeling that it’s because someone liked the feature and quite possibly the convenience of that feature.

I’ve never used any of those things and don’t intend to start anytime soon. Each person is an individual and each person has individual preferences.

I thought @JKirby862_166880 asked a legitimate question, worthy of an answer.

Welcome back@JKirby862_166880!

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