Format: Store&Mechanics

The question arose on a post about the accu-gauge tire pressure gauge, where is the link to the store?

I get the puzzler email. When I click on the email to read the puzzler, I get the old Cartalk homepage with mechanics files and store listed on top of the page. If I go directly to I get the new format where mechanic files and store are buried.

Just an FYI post.

The mechanics list is still way out of date. The shop I use has not used the name listed for over twenty years. Yes, it is the same shop.

Hi @Purebred thanks for mentioning this link issue, and Mechanics Files. I was speaking with my colleagues last week about this, and I’m told that there’s been a project going on since the summer where someone has been going through the listings to try to verify who is still open. There were thousands listed, and I’m told they’re down to a smaller number of which can’t be reached. So the efforts are ongoing. If you’d like me to pass on the name of the shop you’re referring to, please let me know. thanks.

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Sure, listed as Wooten Ford, Cocoa FL. Has been Paradise Ford for 20+ years.

On the new home page if you scroll over where it says ( Click and Clack ) you can then click on the store link.

Another reason why I don’t think much of the Discourse programmers .

@VOLVO-V70 Discourse is only limited to here on this side, in the forum. The rest of the site is handled by others. Do you mean if you click on Click and Clack on it goes to the store?

“Shameless Commerce” is located in the Click&Clack scroll down, not easy to find for those seeking a truck tire pressure gauge.

To locate what was called mechanics files on the old homepage is now on the very bottom of the new home page listed as Shops.

Mechanics file , why bother trying to see if the shop is still in business ? Just remove any listing that has had a review posted that is 5 years old .

Example - there is a shop near me that has had 5 different owners in the last 7 years and one of the owners is in jail for fraud.

That is a very good idea.