93 Buick LeSabre


How do you get in a trunk of a 93 Buick LeSabre. I don’t have a key to get into the trunk. And there is no trunk button.


find a locksmith specializing in autos.


Thanks for the answer. I have had all my co-workers sit in the vehicle and we are just confused there is not a trunk release, even though the car manual says there is. I will probably have to call the lock smith but was just trying to save the PD money.


There is a repair guide for your car at www.autozone.com. Here is the section explaining how to remove the rear seat. This should give you some access to the trunk.


Ed B.


Most Buicks of this era have a trunk release button in the glovebox.


I have a 92 Pontiac Bonneville which is the same vehicle. According to my manual, there should be a remote trunk release button on the driver?s side door (just below the driver?s arm rest). However, the manual shows this truck release as an option. You may have a base model without this feature. If you have the remote entry key fob, it should have a truck release button. Since you didn?t mention having a key fob, I?m guessing your Buick LeSabre lacks both remote entry and the inside power truck release button.


The glove box will use the same key, so remove the glove box cover and take it to a lock smith and have them make a key for it. Also check the owners manual to see if the lock codes or key punch outs are there and you can take the number to a dealer to have the key made.