Where would you go to buy tires on a Sunday?

So my wife managed to ruin one of the front tires on her car, which is the 2004 Toyota Corolla, and the aftermarket radiator in my Daewoo started leaking today after less than 1700 miles. I am obviously going to park the Daewoo and wait until I can get another radiator, so the engine isn’t ruined.

I need to buy two new tires tomorrow, which happens to be Sunday. I can air up the tire with my compressor, even though it’s completely flat, and I assume it will last long enough to get to a tire store. The problem is that most of the places which sell tires are closed tomorrow, and I will be working long hours all week.

Sometimes on this forum, people talk about Costco, and Walmart, which are both open tomorrow. I am a member of Costco, although I have never looked into buying tires there. People here usually speak derisively of Walmart tires, although I assume they sell some decent tires in addition to the cheap junk which I obviously don’t want.

The car in question uses size 185/65R15.

Never bought tires there but my first thought would be Walmart. No CostCo membership otherwise I might try there.

Our costco is open on Sunday. Would be a fine choice for me. I have not needed tiree service since we joined so I can not offer first hand experience.

I bought a pair of tires at Walmart for the 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass I once owned. I found the tires to be satisfactory. I had a tire weight come loose after five years. I had the receipt in the glove compartment which included balancing for the life of the tire. Even though only one tire needed to be rebalanced, both tires were balanced at no cost. This was 20 years ago.

You will need to visit a tire store with a reasonable inventory.

Three years ago, from Costco I ordered a set of Michelin P195/65R15 tires, took 5 days to arrive. 15" tires are no longer popular, the Costco warehouse is less than 1000 square feet, they might not stock the size you need.

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Iƒ Costco has your size in stock, I would buy them there. I bought two sets of Goodyear tires at Walmart, one for my PT Cruiser and one for my Town and Country. None of them lasted more than 27000 miles. I found out later they were Chinese made and sold only at Walmart.


Surely there is a Firestone or Goodyear store near you, they are often open 7 days a week.

I just did a quick Google search, there are 12 wheel and tire stores within 15 miles of me that are open on Sundays.

3 Firestone
1 Goodyear
2 Walmart
1 Costco
5 Used tire places

And a few independent shops, that do tires, but probably don’t stock any.

Dad will now only buy tires from Costco if he can, mainly because of the great service he’s had from them. Price being only part of the decision.

A lot of people have cut their hours now due to labor shortage. I would guess Costco over Walmart although I did have a tire fixed at Walmart on the road once. Around here I guess the farm store would be open with a decent inventory so just depends what is closest and open. Call first. Our Goodyear store used to be open Saturday morning but now strickly M-F.

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Not sure about tires, but I suspect both Costco and Walmart’s websites would show if your tire size is in stock at your local store.


Given you’re just getting tires, and given the choices available on a Sunday, I’d consider Mavis.

You can use their website to see what tires they have in stock. I like to decide on which tire I’m buying before going to buy them.

Costco is the only place where I buy tires at this point, because they sell only top-line tires, and at very good prices. The only downsides are the potentially long waiting time on weekends (you can expect it to wait 4-5 hours) and the fact that you are limited to tires that are not of the “bargain” variety.

Most of their tires are Michelins, with a few Bridgestones thrown into the mix plus an occasional BF Goodrich, but based on your penchant for low-cost solutions, I suspect that you would consider their tires to be too pricey. But, as was suggested, you can check their local inventory and pricing online in order to make a decision before venturing there.

The real question is not where to buy these tires but what store has them in stock ?


I just checked the inventory in that size at my local Costco, and while the BF Goody in that size is out of stock, they have a Bridgestone Ecopia model and two Michelin models, ranging in price from $120-123 each, installed, with a road hazard warranty included.

Can she get by for a day or so on the temporary use spare? It will probably need to be aired up, and you have a compressor.

Well obviously. I need the tires today…not in 3 days, or a week. I did not know you can check the inventory online for Costco, and you are correct, they do have a Bridgestone and two Michelin tires in stock in this size. They open at 10 am, so I will air up the flat tire, and go there.

Our Walmart tire center is closed on Sunday.

I ended up getting the tires at Costco. Even though the appointments were all booked up for today, they squeezed me in as a favor.


Good for Costco for getting the job done. I’ve had good tire-purchasing experiences there myself. As mentioned above, the downside of Costco for tires, they may not offer the size you require at all, or not in the brand/model you prefer. More of a problem for older cars.

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