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Best day to buy tires at Costco

Who knew. The parking lot is full, the store crowded. I think what better way to spend the next hour or so that to get a price on tires from Costco. I go into the tire center and all the techs are in the lounge. I order a set of tires while my wife is have a screw replaced in her glasses and before we can get through the check out with 7 items, the car is done.

So, December 24 is the best time to buy tires at Costco. No wait, no line.

Makes sense. Everyone else has Christmas on their mind.
Except if that means you have to drive in bad winter weather on worn tires to wait for Dec 24th… we often have winter storms where I am starting about Thanksgiving. Last year we had a doozy on Thanksgiving day. I lost power for three days.

NEVER go to Costco for tires just after the first snow fall…

unless the Costco is in a mall, and I’ve seen malls in a huge gridlock just before Xmas. Once I was stuck for hours in a mall.

Although I normally buy my gas at Costco, the lines at the pumps yesterday were so long that I opted to go elsewhere to fill up.

The good news is that I saved some time on a busy day.
The bad news is that the local Shell station charged 24 cents per gallon more than what Costco was charging for regular gas!

Almost NO one buys tires as a Christmas present so makes sense the line is short.

Well, no one but keith! Merry Christmas, enjoy the new tires!

I was at Kroger yesterday to buy eggnog. They were out along with dinner rolls, eggs and low prices. I hate lines so I paid about double for eggnog at Dollar General. I drove there in my car which was full of $1.69 gas from the day before. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

speaking of car maintenance and Christmas . . .

My Christmas present for some relatives is that I will do select repairs/maintenance “on the house”

That means I pay for the parts, also. Because I never charge relatives for labor, anyways.

That is a useful and thoughtful present. Better than some random gift card, IMO

I never get my gas at Costco, because the lines are ALWAYS too long. At least on the days I go shopping there, which is usually on the weekend. Sure, saving money is a good thing. But how long do you want to wait in line, to save a buck or two.

Some people get gas at Costco on the way to work, or on the way home. Unfortunately, it would be a major detour, so I can’t really justify that, either.

“I never get my gas at Costco, because the lines are ALWAYS too long”

Because I am retired, I have the luxury of going there in the middle of the day on weekdays, and the lines are either very short or non-existent. If I was limited to weekends, I would avoid them too.

“how long do you want to wait in line, to save a buck or two.”

It can be more than a buck or two, at least in my neck of the woods.
By opting to go to the local Shell station yesterday, I wound up paying almost $4.00 more for my tank of gas than I would have paid at Costco. However, I decided that my time yesterday was worth $4.00, so I paid the higher price at Shell.

Everyone used to start going home at about 2 on Christmas Eve. Someone just had to cover the phones till 4:30 which usually was me.

We put in a full day of work at the shop yesterday