Tires in Cambridge, MA

I need to by tires for my daughters 2000 Honda CRV. She lives in Cambridge, MA and I do not know the best place to go to purchase tires in the area. Any suggestions?

She can’t buy her own tires?? Buy a Saturday/Sunday newspaper and look in the Sports Section for all the tire store ads…

Thanks. She is a young student and I do not want her getting taken advantage of.

Go to Costco’s or Sam’s Club website and locate one nearby.

I highly recommend Costco for tyres, if you have a membership.

Good idea. I am in Texas, she is in MA–trying to help her out long distance.

I prefer Costco for waiting times and service. Free nitrogen aside, they do hand torque all lug nuts and want you to return for a 25 mile recheck. Safety-wise, that policy works well. The one tire adjustment I have needed was handled quickly and without any controversy.

Right; she’ won’t get taken at Costco and the tires will be good quality and the same size and design as the original; that’s Costco policy.

My wife took her car to Costco for tires and a battery when I was halfway around the world and we could not even communicate. She’s been a member since 1986 and feels totally comfortable there.

Buying online from Tire Rack is an option here.