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Where to sell an antique car?

I am trying to sell a fully running gardner 1926 but the questen is where should i sell it? There are many websites that clam to guaranty to have your car sold of you pay 50$+ to post your ad in there website. I also bet the price would be way higher to take it to a car show. The problem may be that the car is outside of the U.S. and want to be sure there will be a buyer for my car before paying he huge bill in transporting it in.

Some options:
List it in Hemmings
Run an auction on Ebay
Check out this site:

You have a lot of things to handle for this sale. Transportation, import fees , registration and we don’t know where you are or the vehicle. You may have to find a classic car dealer and just let them handle everything. You won’t net as much money but you may avoid legal complications that could really be expensive.

No one is going to give you a decent offer on a car they can’t easi;y send someone to inspect. Go to Haggarty and be realistic about the condition and you will gret a reasonable valuation. Bear in mind that auction prices can easily vary 50% from pre-sale estimates.


I’m not saying you’re doing this, but your situation sounds very close to some very common Craigslist scams. As such, you’re probably going to have trouble finding a potential buyer who believes you when you tell them they’re buying a car that’s in a foreign country and that you really do own the car, honest.

Your best bet is to get the car here and then sell it. Even if it didn’t sound like common scams, no one is going to buy an antique car sight unseen.


Thanks for link @texases . Looks good.


Or… go to the car and sell it there. (NEI opposite of TMI, Not Enough Information)


Which 1926 Gardner is it? I’m sure you can tell from @texases excellent resource. Post some pictures. If it runs, you might consider an auction at an antique specialist. If you have a Gardner in decent shape, an auction where the car is displayed can work in your favor. If it needs a lot of work, sell it on line and expect to sell for a few thousand. There is a 1931 Model 158 in cherry shape advertised for $65,000 at Hemmings. It costs a lot to rebuild any car, especially one that requires you to manufacture parts that aren’t available any other way. If it isn’t in top shape, don’t get your hopes up for a big sale.

CSA gave you the best answer…If you want to sell it here (in the U.S.) then it will have to be here. Do you have a title for it? Here is a 1923 Gardner Sedan in operating condition that sold for $10,000…

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