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Where to go for a rear windshield wiper repair?

I have a small RV (Winnebago Rialta on a VW Eurovan chassis) where the rear wiper’s tube has been torn, plus it’s old and needs be replaced.
Where do I go for such a repair? Is your neighborhood repair shop good enough for such a job or can the wreck stuff?

It’s already wrecked. :wink:

Any shop can wreck stuff. The trick is that the shop should wreck stuff only rarely, and they should fix what they wreck.

A local shop could do the job, yes.

I have to guess you mean the tube that the washer fluid goes through. It should be a simple enough repair for any shop. You may even look at the points the hose connects to and decide you can do it yourself.

A neighborhood shop should have no problem repairing this whether it’s the wash fluid tube or the wiper arm. Some may be reluctant to because they’re concerned that they’ll spend too long figuring out how to access the wiper components. If that’s the case, any Winne dealer should be able to repair this with no problem.

And if you can’t find a normal shop or a Winne dealer, Camping World will fix it, but you will pay through the nose for it.

Thanks for the help (and the warning about Camping World).