Podcast Download

What’s up with the podcast? I used to be able to download it every week but not anymore.

Mine still works through iTunes. Check your settings, etc.

Yes to @wentwest. How are you trying to download it, @Raindem? What has changed when you try?

I’m trying to download it the same way I have for years, by clicking on the download button. Only now it says “Listen to the Show” instead of “Download”. If you right-click that button it doesn’t give the option to download like it used to. The page format changed a month or two ago and that is when I started to have problems.

wentwest, which settings am I supposed to check?

There used to be a button on the podcast page to download mp3/mp4 and save it directly to your computer, Now if you go to the podcast directory there is an option to listen only.

iTunes is an option (you can get the last two shows for free as podcasts) and what I’ve been using since the change on this site.

Thanks wolyrobb, that explains it better. And btw, the listen button doesn’t work either. It just keeps “working” but never actually plays. But that could be on my end since I have lousy internet service.

I dislike using iTunes to download anything so I’ll have to think about this one.

Hi @Raindem, I did some research for you and our podcasting expert passed along the following info:

There are a couple of work-arounds that have been successful for most people:

  1. Click on the “Subscribe” menu and choose “Copy RSS Link.” Then open a new tab in your browser, paste that link into the address bar, hit Return on your keyboard, and you’ll get to a page that has the two most recent episodes on it. The mp3 is listed at the bottom of each episode. Just right-click on the mp3 and choose “Save as.”

  2. If the right-click method doesn’t work, click on the link itself. It will open in an audio player. Try right-clicking on the player itself and see if it lets you save the file.

If at first you don’t succeed, try another browser. Chrome seems to give people the most problems.

Then, there’s iTunes. But maybe #'s 1 or 2 will help.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks Carolyn. I followed your suggestion and it worked like a charm. I appreciate the follow-up.


That’s great news. Happy listening.

I can’t use ITunes, but have listened to the podcast each week for years via the NPR link and that’s how I do it now also @cdaquila . Good info. NPR has been messing around w/their podcast pages lately, I expect this is the problem the OP’er is dealing with. The way it works now seems to vary from NPR web site to web site. Sometimes if you click “copy rss link” it will go directly to the list of podcasts, and sometimes you have to paste the link in to the web browser address bar.

Cutting and pasting is sort of an unusual way to have to access an important web page. Hopefully the NPR website designers will improve on this going forward.

Hi! I see this is an older question, but I just now hit that same brick wall. I contacted NPR and was told to go ahead and click on the “download” button which isn’t a download, and in that play screen that comes up, right click over on the right end of the progress bar where the time comes up. In Firefox, the drop-down menu has the “save audio” option there. That’s how I’ve been getting them the past couple weeks. Don’t remember the instructions for Chrome, but the help was immediate at NPR. The past several shows aren’t downloading all the show info like they used to; I’m having to manually enter it all in iTunes to get them to come up properly on the ipod. What a pain. Makes me wonder if they’re going to stop making these available before long.