04 Taurus Low Side A/C port location?



Hi, I’m trying to recharge the A/C on a 2004 Ford Taurus and the R-134a fluid needs to be added through the low-side service port into the A/C system. I think I know which valve is correct, but the warnings about explosions if you attach the kit to the high-side port are making me think twice. I think the low side port is near the windshield on the passenger side- on a black tube with a silver cap sort of tucked back near some other wires/tubes. I think the high side port is near the passenger side light rising up from the high side tube on a vertical tube with a black top. Can anyone confirm this or correct me? Thanks very much!


The low-side port is a smaller quick-disconnect than the high-side. The high-side is almost twice the diameter, making it really easy to see the difference. Plus, the quick-connect on the recharge hose will not fit on the high-side port.