Where to buy a windshield (no installation)


a friend of mine lives in Germany and has a 1971 Chrysler New Yorker 4Door with Hardtop. He has asked me if I can obtain a windshield for that car here in the states. Unfortunately the windshield business is very much driven by the installation part of it (order it, we come by and put it in). Is there a place where one can simply order that windshield and ship it to Germany in the trunk of a car that is going to be shipped in a few weeks?

I thought that this might be the place to ask such a question.

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I can’t answer your question with any authority (at all) as I try to avoid glass work like the plague and the age of the car puts a bit of a crimp on this.
A glass shop here can provide windshields only but it’s near impossible to get one for an older vehicle like the one you mention.

If you can’t come up with something or nothing surfaces on this forum you might consider contacting a strictly Mopar salvage in Texas called “Texas Acres”.
The business site is located in Harker Heights and the billing office in Killeen, with HH being an outlying area of Killeen.
Reputable place and I do know they have a number of customers in Europe for what that’s worth.

If Texas Acres turns out to be a last ditch option and they don’t have a good used piece of glass maybe they can turn you on to a supplier that does provide the glass only. If they don’t know then I don’t know who would.

Decided to take a quick look at their site since I haven’t visited in a while but there may be something there for consideration.

They show they’re parting out a '72 Fury 4 Door and since this car should be on basically the same platform maybe there’s a chance that windshield will fit the New Yorker.
Texas Acres can no doubt give you a definitive answer about the interchange.

Thank you very much for this very useful answer! I will try them out and see how it goes.

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Check this site out- http://www.windshields.com/Chrysler_windshield/index.html

Although, they do not list a 1971 New Yorker 4 door w/hardtop. Are you positive of the year, make and model?

Also, many junkyards have access to a parts network and can try to locate a used part for you.

First, check with a windshield shop and see if new glass is available. If so, they will be happy to order it for you. If no new glass is available, Google “used auto parts” and after a few clicks, you will be in a nationwide parts network where you can usually find ANYTHING…

Used windshields tend to be in rather poor condition but sometimes you can get lucky…

New glass IS available online. http://account.autoglasshosting.com/nswizard/?zip=80232&year=1971&make=Chrysler&model=New+Yorker&bodystyle=4+Door+Hardtop&_ob=WS&_os=&opening=WS&A=Q&acct=w2g

One other thing that I remembered.
If you find a windshield you should not ship it in the trunk of the car as it drastically increases the chances of it breaking due to being laid horizontally flat.

Make sure it’s boxed up well and sit it upright in the rear seat. Use some rope to lash it down to the rear seat and this position along with the cushion effect of the rear seat should prevent any breakage.

My experiences with used windshields has not always been good. If there are any pits, small stars, or cracks in a used windsield, they tend to play “connect the dots”. Shipping one across the pond would make it even more likely to crack. Even a brand new one would have to be VERY CAREFULLY packed.

Thank you very much everybody for these very helpful tips. I will keep that in mind.