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Where should I put my Biker Ballz

I would like to add a chrome accessory to my cruiser, a Honda Shadow Aero like the one pictured. The accessory is a chrome set of Biker Ballz.

My question is where should I put them? My first instinct is to put them in front of the rear wheel, hanging from the frame, but when a truck is donned with a pair of Truck Nutz, they usually hang from the trailer hitch or the rear bumper.

What are your thoughts?

I forgot to include a picture of the new accessory. Here it is.

Seems it would be more a Harley thing than a Honda thing.

I guess if you have to have these to make a “statement” be sure to hang them somewhere that there is no way they can every get in contact with any tire, wheel, or other moving part. At the bottom of the rear bumper they will be able to drag on the ground and perhaps that will provide some extra jollies.

These may do something for your ego, but they don’t do anything to enhance the bike - just my opinion.

I guess the only statement I am making is to compare riding a motorcycle to riding a horse. I got the idea from watching the movie “Ghost Rider.” Sam Elliot’s character rides a horse, but Nicholas Cage’s character rides a chopper that comes to life. Motorcycle collectors often refer to their garages as stables.

Some people like adding chrome to their cruisers, and if it makes just one person smirk or smile, that would be nice too. I guess I just don’t take myself so seriously since I think there is nothing wrong with this kind of fun.

I guess I figured you would have a sense of humor about this kind of thing. I look at this forum as kind of a club house.

How About At The Rear Of The Gas Tank Where It Meets The Seat? They’re “Biker” Ballz, Not “Bike” Ballz.

I believe some states have made these little jewels illegal. May want to check your state.

I was going to say wherever they are most visible, but it doesn’t appear that you are , um, advertising.

A bill was introduced to make them illegal in Florida, but it never got anywhere. Some people thought it was an indication that legislators in Florida had too much time on their hands.

I recently saw a set of these on a three wheel Harley being ridden by a woman. I thought they were a nice touch.

Don’t let your parents see it.

Whitey, It’s Worth 1,000 words. I Almost Spilled My A.M. Coffee, Laughing.
You do such a great job posting amusing pics. Keep them coming!
Thanks for the chuckle, CSA

When my daughter was young and we ended up behind a cycle with biker balz on the back it really irritated me as a dad. A local biker had some that swung as he traveled over bumps. Our daughters should not have to have these things displayed in front of their faces. They’re not apprpriate for public display. If I gave you my opinion of where you should put them I guarantee you would not appreciate it.

I’m no prude, but it’s time we consider what’s appropriate to hand in front of our daughters and what’s not. These are not. let’s get some consideration for kids back in this world. Let’s get some respect for others back in this world.

You might not believe this, but I have given this issue some thought. I wonder if you feel the same way about open pastures with horses or bulls present. I realize there are some things parents don’t want to have to explain, but if they are not obscene on a bull or a horse, why are they obscene on a motorcycle or a truck? Do you let your kids watch Animal Planet? If you do, no explanation should be necessary.

I have decided not to put these on my bike, but not because of those I might offend. I have decided they will only look right when the saddle bags are mounted, and I ride 95% of the time without the saddle bags.

Bulls and horse are not emphatically displaying them all by themselves. As a decoration on a bike, I think they’re inappropriate. If you were to walk down the street blatantly swinging yours in front of kids I don’t think the judge would “buy” the “bulls and horses do it” argument. It isn’t the same. The horses and bulls are not overtly displaying theirs out of context.

I go back to a time when we grew up learning right from wrong. In today’s world those lines have become obfuscated, until too many kids have lost that sense. I believe we’ve all lost something valuable because of that.

I was sent home from a public high school once because I did not have a proper dress shirt on. I was not learning how to dress, I was learning about “norms” and mores". I was learning the importance of dressing appropriatly for the society I was living in. I was learning the importance of respecting others with the way I dressed. I was also learning to respect authority. It often seems like kids today no longer have to learn those lessons. I think we’ve lost a great deal because of that.

I do believe you’ve considered this. Based on your posts you seem an intelligent and considerate person. But I disagree on this issue. Because of that guy we lived near when my daughter was young, this one is a “hot button” for me.

While I didn’t have any inappropriate situations with our daughter, like MB I too had a similar reaction to this thread when I first read it.

We’ve got a local guy here who drives around in a riced out Honda Civic to which he has attached a long sock with a couple of large rocks inside and which dangles from the rear license plate.

JMO, but this kind of falls into the same area. I’m a long ways from being a prude but this just looks to be immature and inappropriate.
No doubt you won’t like my opinion, but you asked for input and my suggestion would be to place them inside the tool pouch on the bike.

Given how other threads have been removed, I was surprised this one survived.

I appreciate your opinion. Nonetheless, I think it is funny how many people feel a need to say “I am not a prude” since it is a subjective thing.

I know you disagree with me, but I think this is no more obscene than a pasture with male livestock. In fact, the pasture could very well be more obscene. I see this item as a celebration of something that is perfectly natural.

It is similar to our tolerance for violence and nudity in our entertainment. Some cultures have a high tolerance for nudity, but no tolerance for violence. It seems that in our culture, the opposite is true.

If you are truly offended by this kind of thing, in what way are you not a prude? No offense, I am just wondering.

I’m glad that it survived. I think it’s important to be able to openly discuss things on which we disagree as long as we stay on the subject at hand and maintain our respect for one another as individuals. And others should be allowed to read the different perspectives on these issues.

I have to admit that I may have gotten a bit edgy with one or two comments in this thread, but it was to honestly present the concerns and emotions that many people feel when they see these things. I believe that Jeremy is a decent and intelligent guy, and I hope he understands. I’m not trying to be mean, just being forthright.

I’ve had a number of posts deleted for unexplained reasons that are totally beyond me. Posts that I wish the web people would explain the reason they were removed. IMHO there’s been too much censorship on the forum lately.

No offense taken. Your question is legit.

I view what’s natural on the farm as simply…nature! The driving forces are simply instinct. There’s nothing obscene about any of it.

I agree that our culture has low tolerance for nudity and high tolerance for violence, and I agree that this is backwards. But it is the diplay of this sort of thing in our culture that makes it inappropriate. It is not within the culture’s norms.

In many cultures violence would be unacceptable and inappropriate but the display of genetalia perfectly acceptable. In some african cultures the men wear exaggerated adornment to emphsize their masculinity. Women decorate their femininity in various ways for effect. That does not make it appropriate on the streets of NH.

One becomes a prude when one is offended by what fits within he culture’s norms. this does not. This offends the average person rearing children. I maintain that it’s inappropriate.