Where’s the dead battery light in 2013 Chrysler 300?

what emblem shows on dash if battery is dead?

None of them show if the battery is dead. That’s how you know!


That was just too easy @Mustangman!!!


The icon that looks like a battery indicates there’s a problem with the battery/charging system.


I’ve never seen a dashboard warning light for a dead battery. There’s often a warning light that looks like a battery, but that’s for when the battery isn’t being charged when the engine is running, which it should be – more likely due to an alternator problem.

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Yeah like Tester’s picture but when it goes black, your battery is dead.


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The Dodge Caliber came with a rechargeable flash light in the cargo area to help you replace the vehicle’s dead battery but the 300 didn’t come with a “dead battery light”.

You may see some warning lights on with a weak battery that won’t start the engine but there is not a warning light to indicate that the battery is weak.

I know, right? Captain Obvious to the rescue!