1999 Chrysler 300M

I have a 1999 Chrysler 300M the battery just went dead on it and it was because the lights kept flickering off and on on the inside…does or has anyone else had this problem and if so is it worth fixing and what is the problem?

Thank you

Lights flickering off and on inside the vehicle wouldn’t kill the battery.

I would advise you to get the battery recharged up to full charge and have a full load put on the charging system (in the vehicle).

I suspect the flickering is due to a worn out alternator.

I had a “dead” battery in my Caravan and wanted to start the engine. It would not start but the lights kept going on and off like crazy. It is something with the BCM I guess. Change the battery and also have them test the alternator. OR maybe give the car to me for free :slight_smile:

The flickering lights is most likely just a bad battery connection or cable.