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Where’s the best place to sell my 1989 Nissan 240SX?

Where is the best place to sell my classic red 240sx 5spd 87,000 miles never been modified. I would like to see it go to someone who appreciates this model?

We don’t know where you live and it depends quite a bit on that.

You can auction the car at classic car auctions like Mecom or Barrett Jackson in the USA. Maybe list the car on Bring a Trailer or in Hemmings. Considering the narrow group of folks who think this is classic car, you might seek out a Nissan forum, drift forum of classic Japanese car forum. Good Luck.

Thank you for responding. I live in Honolulu.

That is going to narrow down the field a lot! I would scope out local car shows and cruise-ins. Really, any place local car folks hang out, especially the Japanese car loving folks. That is your market. Someone might want your car enough to ship it to the mainland but the cost is a big add.