Selling my Honda clunker for parts

I’ve got a really old and decrepit Honda Civic. It’s a 1990 DX 5-speed manual hatchback with 170,000 miles. It also has a gutted headlight (from a really friendly hit and run), some dents, some rust from Cambridge and Ann Arbor salty winters, and way too many functional repairs needed to make it worth driving to my new home in California.

That said, a few years ago, I had my fuel pump stolen out of my car while living in Portland, Oregon. This makes me think my genuine Honda parts might be worth something to the right audience.

I know I can try to sell parts individually on craigslist, but I’m in a hurry. I’m moving to California at the end of the month. I also know that I can donate my car, but I don’t make enough money nor have enough expenses to get the benefit of itemized tax deductions. So I was wondering what other ways you might suggest for selling my Honda clunker for its parts?

Sell the whole car as a parts car/repairable.


Thank you, Tester. I’m wondering HOW one does this? Just by selling on craiglist? Or to what sort of business? What kind of business can I look up in the yellow pages to sell the car to as a repairable parts car? A salvage yard?

Thank you again.

Put it on craigslist as a parts car/repairable. Must take entire vehicle. Someone will buy it.


You can search the internet with Google for a forum that has postings about Civics of this era. The people there are home repairers or customizers who might be interested in your parts car. A quick look found and and and that’s only on the first page of the Google search.

Thank you!

Just place an ad stating the true condition of the car. Someone will take it if the price is right. I also suggest putting a FOR SALE sign in the windshield everywhere you park the car. I’ve had better luck selling cars from my front yard than from ads.