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Where oh where!

I have a 2006 kia sportage and want to change over to LED lights. From what I have read I need to replace the turnsignal flasher relay with one that will support the new led lights. I cannot find the old relay in this car anywhere. I have looked and looked. I know it has to be there somewhere. Can some one please!!! help me out.

Thanks Terry

I’d try it first without changing the flasher. It might work just fine. If not, then listen for it when you have the turn signals on with the old lamps in.

I can’t think of why you would need to replace a relay. You likely will need to replace whatever part (usually the flasher) that checks for burned out lamps because the low current drawn by the LEDS will make it think the lamp is out. I am not sure if you are going to be able to find a replacement that will be able to cope with the reduced current and still function normally.

What are you replacing with LEDs? are you looking to replace the turn signal lights in the front? are you replacing the entire taillamp assembly?

I would rethink this project. It might cause problems with the circuit and they might not work well in the housings designed for incand bulbs. In addition, I think that the market is flooded with crummy LEDs. Fleet managers are probably very disappointed in the performance of LED replacements after being told that they would never need to replace anything to do with the tail, marker and brake lights again. How many of you have seen truck lights with some burned-out LEDs? I see lots of them in traffic-control lights that are less than 3 years old too!

I don’t do this sort of thing but the relay probably has to be changed because of the current draw involved.

LEDs will use considerably less current than regular bulbs and odds are the LEDs won’t draw enough to heat the flasher up and trigger it.
Basically, the lights would illuminate and never blink. This can occur even with regular bulbs if the candlepower rating is too low.

As to the original question I don’t know where it’s located on this model. Try flipping the turn signals on and follow the clicking.

There are kits, which include load resistors, to make the regular flasher flash; but, here is a site that tells of a flasher for use with LEDs that doesn’t require the use of load resistors.
And, here are two more LED flashers: (scroll down a half page)