Where is the Oil going?

I’ve noticed my car has been using oil for a couple years. No drips or spots on floor…No evidence of leakage on engine block or drain plug. This 2002 car has about 98,000 miles. It seems to go through about 1qt every 2,500miles…Still gets about 34mpg…Did compression check July 2009…Each of 4 cylinders came up to 200lbs…Cylinder #1 seemed to take a bit longer than the rest…What is causing the oil consumption? Do I get it repaired?

Your oil is going past the rings on the number one cylinder and out the tailpipe for all of us to enjoy. For a quart every 2,500 miles you defintely do not get it repaired.

There is nothing to repair…Many new cars burn this amount of oil from day one…Drive on…

That is at the upper end, but still in what most manufacturers believe is normal and acceptable oil usage. No need to try and repair it, it really is not broken.

Don’t worry about it. 1 quart every 2500 miles is nothing to worry about it. Just keep checking it in case it gets ahead of you and you run it low. Rocketman


Even if your car was brand-new, the consumption of 1 qt per 2,500 miles should not be a concern.

Most car manufacturers consider the consumption of 1 qt per 1,000 miles to be “normal” with a NEW car. While you and I would not be happy with that rate of consumption, it is not unheard of on a new car.

I think that you should be very happy that your 7 year old car consumes only 1 qt per 2,500 miles. Just remember to check the dipstick on a regular basis, and motor on.