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Oil Consumption

What is the consumption of oil for a 2009 Corolla,1.8L engine.

Most auto manufacturers consider a quart of oil every thousand miles as being normal oil consumption. Why do you ask?


I agree with Tester. While most of us would consider the consumption of one qt. per 1,000 miles to be excessive on a new car, car manufacturers will tell you that this is within the limits of normal oil consumption.

Just as an indication of how I would feel if this happened to a new car that I owned, my 2002 Subaru with ~90k on the odometer consumes no oil whatsoever between its 4,000 mile oil changes. By comparison, my SO’s 2008 RAV-4 consumes 1 qt. approximately every 2,500 miles. While the RAV’s oil consumption is excessive by my standards, it is very much within normal limits.

In my opinion, a 2009 Corolla should consume ZERO oil between recommended oil changes.

Why are you asking this question?

I have a '97 Acura that loses NO oil between oil changes at 5,000 mile intervals, and a '96 Subaru that requires one quart between the same 5,000 interval, but the Subaru has more miles on it.

Again, why are you asking? The 2009 Corolla is new to the market. Have you reached the first recommended oil change mileage?