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Where is the Ambient Air temperature sensor located on a 2005 Hyundai Sonata?

I need to replace the Ambient Air Sensor, in my 2005 Hyundai Sonata, 2.7 v-6.I can’t seem to locate it on the engine. Can anyone help?


AMBIENT . . air temp ?
Usually NOT . . ‘‘on the engine’’.
On others ( don’t know Hyundai ) it’s in front of the radiator, behind the grille . .somewhere, to get a reading of the air temp outside the engine compartment.

I’ll keep looking. Thanks. I thought it might be on, or around the air intake.

No thanks. Paid ad.

It’s on the intake plenum.


Thanks. Wire was off, but engine light is still on. I’ll get a diagnostic to see if it clears out.

Hmmm . . INTAKE air temp is a whole different animal than AMBIENT air.
There’s temperature sensors in many areas for different input data.

I know. I found the sensor I had bought, and had to locate it, but had problems, because the wire had come off. I found it, and hooked the wire back up. The engine light didn’t go off. I’m going to hook a diagnostic up, to try and clear it. I unhooked the battery, but it’s still on.

On my Corolla there’s an IAT sensor, meaning Intake Air (Edit: Temperature) Sensor. It’s located in basically the same place as yours, the intake air passage between the air filter and the throttle body. It’s very easy to forget to push it back in the hole where it goes when I remove the plenum to make room to work on something, but it has never tossed a code. Mine is just a thermistor, a two-lead gadget who’s resistance changes with temperature. If I thought that part was faulty I’d measure it’s resistance while I heated it up on the bench (mildly) with a hair dryer. Or cooled it off with a piece of ice. Some cars may use a three prong gadget for that function and those are probably some kind of solid-state thermometer so the resistance testing idea above might not work.