Unexpected device in the spot where OA temp sensor is supposed to be installed


I bought my Camry 2013 LE years ago and outside air temperature reading was missing on display from the beginning. Recently I bought a OA temp sensor compatible with Camry 2013 and took the front bumper out to install it. But I didn’t find a socket fitting with the sensor. Instead there was another socket that I still have no idea what that is. I googled to identify what that is without success. Can someone let me know what that is?

Thanks !!

I am not familiar with your car, but the ambient temp sensor is located towards the bottom of the radiator. I believe it is that bottom wire in the picture. as far as the socket with nothing attached to it. that could just be there from the factory for an option that you may not have. like fog lights.

A full wiring diagram from Mitchell or eautorepair.net for $20 will tell you all the options in the wiring diagram and the names and locations of all splices and connectors in the harness.

Oh I see. That makes totally sense. I thought the one below the socket was grounding. But your sounds right. and now I was made sure that the socket is irrelevant to the air temp sensor. Thank you for your help!! I appreciate it.

It looks like a informative site. Thank you!

Look at the front grill area which feeds the engine intake air path directing air towards the engine air filter box. I’d guess right where the engine intake air first enters that path is where the outside air temperature is measured. Your photo is showing the A/C condensor/radiator area, which wouldn’t seem like a very good place to measure the outside air temperature. It might be that wire at the top of the photo and further back.

Sorry for checking your comment too late. I wasn’t aware that you had left one. Yes that makes sense that that’s the main purpose of measuring the OAT. I was kinda of resting from checking my car for a while. I will check it out again. Thanks!!