Intake Air Temperature Sensor - location?

Been told the IAT Sensor is bad. Where is this located?

Its probably sticking right into a hole in the air intake tube - the big black one that runs from the air filter to the throttle body. You likely have 2 electrical connectors on there - one will be fairly large and for the MAF, and the other will probably be smaller and be for the IAT.

I’ve never specifically eyeballed the one on the Taurus - and someone with specific experience with it would need the year - but that should be a general enough guide.

Sorry - forgot the details. 2002 Ford Taurus, 3.0L engine, 6 cyl engine.

You should be able to test it with ohm meter. There should be readings for different temps to tell if it is bad.
Be sure to look at wires and connection to sensor.

I can test it, but first need to know where it is and what it looks like.


Which 3.0L engine? Both available engines on the Taurus were 3.0L 6 cylinders - one was a 12 valve pushrod, and the other was a 24 valve DOHC.

The 12 valve, if it is like my 97, has the IAT sensor on the air intake tube, at the end farthest away from the air filter (the connection next to the air filter is the MAF), and on the back side (closest to the firewall).

Is the check engine light on? A bad sensor will normally turn on the light.

Yes, Check Engine light is on. Had the codes done and determined that the IAT is bad. That’s what I’m looking for and will change it.

Most ford IAT sensors are part of the Mass AirFlow sensors. If there are MORE than three wires to the MAF, the IAT is integral.

On my Escort I have more than three wires to the MAF and a separate IAT, so I’m not sure the wire counting will work.

To the OP - a code cannot identify a part as bad. The codes are basically about out of spec parameters in a system. At the very least check the wiring to the IAT.