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Where is my coolant temperature sensor? 2000 mercury cougar

i have a 2000 mercury cougar v6 manual and my engine fan keeps turning on, i changed the one coolant sensor but there are 2, i changed the one on the right side of the engine(driver side) but that ones just for the temperature gauge now i need to find the other one and i cant see it at all! anyone help?

The sender that works the fans might be mounted in the radiator.

Or near the thermostat, at the end of the upper radiator hose…

thank you i will take a look and let you know if i found it

I just put the coolant sensor on my 2000 cougar. It is in a very tight spot and hard to get in and out. Look right past your thermostat. It is right around the corner from the temp gauge sender you just replaced on the same water line right under the accelerator wires.

Any chance the fan is operating because the engine is running hotter than normal?