2000 Ford Focus radiator fan

radiator fan does not come on. i have replaced sensors an when i unplug cooling senor on thermstat housing fan comes on. i like the car so i would like to fix it. thank u

Have you tested out the fan it self?

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Have you checked the fan relay?


Fan motor OK.

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Well, if you unplug the sensor connection and the fan runs then that rules out the fan and relay. That leaves a couple possibilities. One being it’s not getting hot enough to need to run. There’s an air bubble in the system or the sensor is no good.

What does your engine temp gauge read? Is it in the normal range when hot?
Do you get hot air from heater?
If temp gauge reads low but engine is hot, the sensor may be being fooled by an air bubble in the cooling system. They tend to settle at a high point, often where the sensor is located.
If the gauge reads normal range and you get hot air from heater, the replacement sensor may be bad.

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