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Sensor location

I have a 1990 Isuzu Trooper with the 4ZE1 2.6L four (4) cylinder engin. Based on a recent Car Talk episode, it exhibits “classic symptoms” of a bad coolant temperature sensor - idles great when cold; way too fast when warmed up - temp guage moves up and settles down indicating my thermostat does work - also will rev itself up and down quickly when warmed up. SO, I bought a coolant temperature sensor at the parts store, and now I can’t see anything that looks like it from peering into the engine compartment from the top. Can someone please tell me where this thing is so that I can replace it? Many thanks. Paul in Idaho

This is the location per ALLDATA…

Coolant Temperature Sensor: Lower Right Side Of Engine, Below Intake Manifold

Check Figure 6, it showes the locations of the various sensors.

Ed B.

Thanks for your help! Now I have a reason to lie down in the snow.