Where do you start?

I have a truck and would like to rebuild it. Where do you start first? Would like some advise.

Please tell us what you want to rebuild. If everthing needs rebuilding it’s cheaper to buy another truck!

Never fall in love with something that can’t love you back…

I would look to structural components, like the frame and body. If you identify any spots that need work, you will probably need to remove the drivetrain and suspension to get to them. After you finish with the body and frame, you can replace parts as you reassemble them.

In addition to what (year/make/model) you might state your intentions and limitations.

  1. Where are you between “been there done that” and “all new to me”?
  2. Are you limited by money or time?
  3. If you’re taking the engine out, do you have a lift and good work area?
  4. Do you have the manual for this vehicle, fair set of tools, etc.?
  5. Total tear-down or get it running?
  6. Current condition, does it run, etc.?

Those kind of things. Lots of talented folks here to keep things moving as you go along. Sounds interesting and fun thing to do.

PS I’m not one of the talented folks but wish you well.