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Where can someone learn repair/maintenance on antique cars in NH?

I hope I’m not violating any rules. This is, after all, my first post. I’m also not writing for myself. I’m trying to find out where someone could learn more about repairing/maintaining/tinkering with antique cars. Someone I know has owned a number of them for many years, but now that he has retired, he would actually like to learn to work on them himself. I’m trying to find a way for him to be with other people. Are there any groups/meetups or ways for someone to learn this in New Hampshire?

I’m sure there are clubs for some of the cars they own. Can you give us an idea, make/model/year?

First step is to use google to try and locate antique car clubs near you. Next use it to find car shows where this friend can meet other collectors. Have this friend buy an issue of Hemming’s Motor News.

Start here.


What part of NH?
Every community college offers automotive repair associate degree programs, and that would really be the best place to learn. They do have entry requirements, and they do require a full time (12cr/semester minimum) commitment, but the education he’d get is second to none. He might want to visit
The site leads to detailed outlines of each program.

I agree with the clubs. Best way to share specific information. Kinda seems to me though that its a little late to start building mechanical skills if he hasn’t been doing some things all along. Maybe he has and just now wants to get into more advanced restoration but each field requires a great deal of training and skills, such as body work, painting, upholstery, engine and transmission, etc., not to mention the additional tools and equipment needed for each one. Maybe a little more specific on what he wants to do.

Once you decide which kind of car you want to tinker with, provided it isn’t an extremely rare make/model, there are magazines that specialize on restoring that brand. Check out the Barnes and Noble transportation section in their magazine rack for example. These specialty magazines usually have a page with the names and addresses of user groups.

George did you not read the post? The OP is asking for someone else who supposedly already has a few collector cars.

@“VOLVO V70” … that’s what those user groups are, people who have and restore cars.