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Can anyone in southern New Hampsire point me in the right direction?

I have always been interested in cars and car repair, and would like to expand my VERY limited knowledge by taking a few courses in the subject, like in an evening adult education program. Does anyone know if there is a place in the Derry/Mancester area were I could sign up for a few courses to get myself started, without having to join an actual school? Like a “Basic Auto Repair for Dummies” class. I am a 25 year old woman and sort of intimidated by the auto repair “boy’s club”, but am trying to gain some shred of courage. Thank you.


Can’t speak for your area, but many technical schools or community colleges offer such a course, My daughter is enrolled in one now, in Wichita, KS. Call around and see if anyone offers something like that in your area.

Nashua Community College has an automotive program that contributors to this forum have spoken very highly of. See

When I lived in Manchester for any repairs I didn’t have to equipment to do or the time…I took my cars to Mom’s garage in Kelly st. Very honest garage and prices are reasonable. I was there waiting for new struts to be put on my wifes car…when a woman had her car towed in…Wouldn’t start…She said two different people told here it was the fuel pump and would cost $500 to replace. Several friends told her about Mom’s so she took a chance and had the car towed there (she only lived about 4 blocks away). So they looked at the car…and 10 minutes later told her the car was all fixed…(cost $20). She needed a new gas cap. They told her they see it a lot in that particular car. They could have easily told her she needed a new pump and charge her $500.

Manchester Community College, 6076 Front Street, Manchester (right by the WMUR tower) also has an automotive Technology program. (603)668-6706. However, Nashua’s is better. Nashua’s address is 505 Amherst Street (just off exit 8 of the Everette Turnpike), the number is (603)882-6923.

Both are full time day programs that require a student to be metriculated into the program to take the courses. Both also require an investment in a chest of tools, a good driving record, and some other miscellaneous requirements. If you’re interested, contact their admissions departments.