Are there any online classes for working on or knowing more about your car?

I do have some basic knowledge from working on my VW beetle 20 years ago. But would like to know more. Am not to interested in enrolling in a university, but a tech school with a comprehensive car course would be cool. Or maybe I should see if I can take an automovite course from the local high school. Dont really think thats possible. I have a 160,000 m honda would like to see last. Thanks

Try your local high-school…

Given that you state that you already have “basic knowledge” about cars, I think you’ll learn a lot just by following this forum, as well as one specific to Hondas. You’ll also have a great resource for asking questions when you are stumped. I’d strongly recommend getting a factory shop manual for your Honda (look on ebay). Beyond that, I’ve heard that some community colleges offer classes on auto maintenance. As for online, others here will probably have good suggestions.

YouTube. Unbelievable amount of videos showing darn near any auto repair job you can think of. Nice part is they are vehicle specific and many are provided by certified class A mechanics not a shade tree hack.

Keep visiting here. I’m not a professional mechanic, but I learn a lot by reading the responses to other’s problems, and get useful responses when I have a question. There are a number of excellent professional and amateur mechanics that can help you. BTW, when I say amateur, i don’t mean people without knowledge. They just never worked in the trade.

And you might check your local community colleges to see if they have courses.