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Hard to Find Spare Parts

I there.

i have been looking for over a week to purchase online some parts for my car , maybe someone know a web site that i can find those parts.

parts i need :

front splash shield ( not the inner fender , but the ones that covers the engine and radiator) , and the rear schock mounts , i have been looking like crazy and no look .

my car is a toyota echo 2001 MT ,

regards to all and thanks in advance

You might try asking/searching over at There’s usually at least a couple of good online dealer-only parts suppliers out there for most makes, but it can be very hard to find them yourself.

Though before you spend too much time on it, it might be a good idea to go price them out at the Toyota dealer. Sometimes some of the dealer prices aren’t too bad and you can at least get the part numbers while you’re there, which will aid your online search. Also, this car’s probably old enough that you can get somewhat reasonable used parts for it, which should be fine especially for the splash guard.